Schroder ISF Sustainable Multi Asset Income (Apr 2022)

Income and Impact. Sustainably.

Introducing Schroder ISF Sustainable Multi-Asset Income, a fund that has been designed to help investors achieve both their income and sustainability objectives.

Monthly income of 4.0% 1,2 p.a. as at last record date, from sustainable sources

Proprietary  ESG toolkit for best-in-class ideas

100% analysed from a sustainability perspective

Expertise of Schroders  multi-asset & ESG teams

Transparent reporting for measurable positive impact

Note: Schroder International Selection Fund is referred to as Schroder ISF throughout this document. 1 The annualised payout rate shown is as at the last record date of 30 Mar 2022. For more information on the annualised dividend rate of a single payout and the composition of distribution payments, please refer to 2 Distributions of the Schroder ISF Sustainable Multi-Asset Income (the “Fund”) for share class USD-H A Dis MF will be declared on a monthly basis. The distributions are not guaranteed and will be reviewed periodically. In the event of income and realised gains being less than the intended distribution, distributions will be made from capital. Investors should be aware that the distributions may exceed the income and realised gains of each fund at times and lead to a reduction of the amount originally invested depending on the date of initial investment.

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